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Due to our small size, two adjacent towns want to combine efforts onto one Recovers site with a joint committee. How do create a site that will encompass our joint effort?

We do not limit the coverage of a Recovers site to one community. The process for creating a "joint" site for multiple communities is the same as it is for one community.

  1. Go to the new community page:
  2. For LOCATION, enter either one of the town's names, or enter a location that is in between the two town centers. This information is used to center the resources map for your Recovers page.
  3. For SITE TITLE, enter a joint name that encompasses your two communities. This could be as simple as "Town1-Town2 Joint Disaster Relief Hub".
  4. For SUBDOMAIN, enter a web address that you think residents will readily identify and connect with. For example, it could just be "town1-town2".
  5. Click the Create Community button to continue the process
  6. You will be asked to set up a personal account (if you have not already).
  7. You will be asked to create an organization profile. Don't worry, you can have as many organizations as you'd like join your new site. So just start with your organization, even if it is only part of one community. Other organizations will be able to join as soon as it is set up.
If you have any further questions or problems, please reach out to us. We are here to help!

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