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Using the Twitter Widget

The Twitter widget on the front page of your community's site is designed to give your visitors more useful information.

The Twitter widget:
  • can only be used with a handle (i.e. @recovers_org), it does not allow hashtags or keywords
  • shows a list of the latest Tweets from the specified Twitter Account
  • allows visitors to follow the specified Twitter account
  • allows visitors to Tweet directly at the specified account
If there is not a valid Twitter account specified in the settings of your site, the Twitter widget will not appear on the front page. To add or change the Twitter account that appears in the Twitter widget, follow these steps:

1. From the Community Dashboard, click on the General Information button.

2. On the General Information Page, under the Twitter section, input the desired Twitter handle (i.e. @recovers_org).

3. Click the 
Update Community button.

4. Your Twitter widget will now be shown on the front page.

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