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I want to donate materials

  • Tell us what you’ve got, but don’t drop it off until they’re ready for you. Go to your community’s homepage and click on “I Want to Donate”, then “Donate Items”. List your donation along with a description of the items.

  • You can update your donation if you are no longer able to provide it by going to, and logging into your account.

  • Donation items needed most in a recovering community vary widely based upon the type of disaster and the length of time since the event. Please make sure to watch the front page of the site or other sources for recently updated lists of needs. Please call ahead to the organizations collecting the items to make sure the information is current and that they’re expecting you.

  • Do not bring items that are not requested. If you bring in old clothing that wasn’t requested, the community now has to wash, sort and store all of that old clothing for years because too much was given.

  • Donations of gift cards and cash are much more flexible and the best way to aid survivors. A survivor can carry around a gift card to Sears while their home is being rebuilt, but not a washing machine.

  • Recovers does not accept or use any of the donated materials directly. Everything listed belongs to the recovering/preparing community.

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