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I just made an account, now what?

  • If you signed up as a volunteer or to donate an item in an active recovery, thank you for your support! You will either be contacted directly by an aid coordinator when someone requests that type of help, or you will see updates on general calls for volunteer labor or items on the front page of the community’s site.

  • If you signed up asking for assistance in an active recovery, someone from the community will be in touch with you very soon to learn more about your need. If you would like to change the details or request additional items, you may do so at any time by logging into your account at

  • If you signed up in a preparing community, welcome aboard! You are joining a fast-growing group of community members who are prepared for tough weather. You will receive information or instructions from your local leaders, and a few notifications from our team to help you increase your level of knowledge and preparedness, painlessly, at home.

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