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Change the Featured Image of My Community

The following instructions will show you how to choose/change the featured image of your community.

Where is it?

You can think of this image as the "profile picture" of your community. It appears in two places:
  1. On the upper left corner of your community's homepage at [yourtown] Featured Image 1
  2. On the Recovers Communities page at Feature Image 2

How Can I Change It?

The featured image can be chosen/changed by following these steps: 

 1. From the Community Admin Dashboard, click on the button inside the Information box labeled "Update Featured Image"

  Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 1.52.57 PM 

 2. Click on "Choose File"

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 1.53.38 PM 

 3. Choose the image you want on your hard drive. Don't worry about the size, we'll take care of it. 

 4. Click on "Update Featured Image"

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 2.04.32 PM 

 5. If you navigate back to the homepage of your community at [yourtown], you should now see your new community featured image.

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