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I think it would be very beneficial to have an infographic or 2-minute overview video that explains how to use this website/platform.

It should cover:

1. The Set-up of a New Community (this is helpful when a dormant/test community has been set-up [ex.Toronto] but new users have no understanding of the setup process or administration)

2. Clarify of User Roles & Responsibilities (if applicable).

3. Examples of How it is actually used in an emergency.

With this, it would be easier to communicate the purpose and effectiveness of this platform. Which means it would be easier to share via social media and implement in real life.

Basically the front page is missing an effective takeaway and a demo (similar to most software companies as an example:

If people knew everything they needed to about this platform in 1-minute, it would be considerably more effective.

Thank you for an amazing initiative and service.

Good Luck.

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